The Age of Anti-Privacy

Late 2014, Facebook were going through a phase of shutting down accounts of people using aliases, and this had followed a similar mission of Google’s in an attempt to bring sanity to the Youtube comment sections the year before. Google forced users of Youtube to have Google+ accounts before they could leave comments on Youtube videos. Google+ had a real name policy, and the company foolishly believed that people using their real names wouldn’t act like cocktards. Oh, how wrong they were. This was a complete failure and backfired on them badly, but even to this day, it has left a mess of people’s accounts.

Those who had separate GMail accounts and Youtube accounts found that they were having problems posting comments, even to their own videos on their own channels because of this uberfailboat. Content producers on Youtube couldn’t understand why they even needed Google+ accounts, and many of them were not technically savvy enough to wade their way through the confusing process Google had foisted on them.

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