Playing the Magna Carta card

Apparently, the Magna Carta gives business owners the following basic property rights:

  • The ability to put your hand on the entire property structure
  • The ability to paint your entire building

I guess they’re implied rights. Fascinating though, that it is brought up given the 800 year anniversary in two days of when King John was forced to sign the charter by an uprising of barons.

Shifting Articles

I’ve gone and shifted a few of my articles from my old blog to here, and I’ve published them as per the originally posted dates. So you’ll have a bit more to read here now, and it’ll all be relevant social commentary that you’ll no doubt find absolutely riveting.

A Fascinating Look Into the Mind of a Mass Murderer

Mother Jones has an article about the motivations of the Aurora mass shooter titled 5 Chilling Pages From the Aurora Mass Shooter’s Diary Debunk a Favorite NRA Talking Point. Their main point is that it’s debunking the the NRA rhetoric that mass shooters specifically choose gun free zones for their attacks.

I’m not sure that it’s safe for MoJo to debunk this claim based on a sample size of one, but this article is worth checking out because it links scans of James Holmes’ diary. 36 pages of unadulterated psychotic bliss. The 5th page even has a large headline announcing it as “Insights into the Mind of Madness”.

It’s a fascinating read. Shame it’s missing some pages, and I’m not sure if certain pages have been left out because they were blank, irrelevant, torn out, or had sensitive information. But it’s the sort of thing that will be of interest to psychologists and historians and even writers, so if there’s more to be seen, I’m hoping it gets released.

Heathen Zine Available For Purchase

A year ago I produced a physical zine called heathen. Problem was I had never distributed it far–basically, I gave copies to a couple of friends, and then kind of sat on them since (figuratively speaking of course–you’re not going to get copies that smell like my arse unless you pay extra).

Well, now I’ve decided that I am going to push these out to the world. I was originally going to write a book, but I have so many things to say about religion that I just never seemed to ever get it done. It probably doesn’t help that I am to procrastination what Elvis is to Rock’n’Roll and cheeseburgers.

This website was part of my motivation to get my work out there, and to motivate me to actually keep writing. So here you have it. I give you access to the physical copy, the PDF copy, and the Amazon Kindle edition.

They are DRM free, and if you are really quick, you can use the coupon “BYJINGO” on my store here to get the PDF free. 10 copies are available to be claimed, and the offer expires on Friday June 5th. I’ll leave the exact timezone in which that takes effect a surprise for the reader.

If you like my ranting and raving and carrying on, then please share this around, and it’d be grand if you could leave me some glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon. 😀

Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies are something that have been with me for most of my life. I’m talking about the band, but the band had such an impact on me because of emotions I used to feel, and listening to their music and their songs over the years has been very therapeutic.

Yes they’re facetious at times, and yes they sing about morbid topics (I Saw Your Mommy), but their lyrics and their message is a powerful one. To me growing up, that message was, no you’re not alone. You may feel like it now, and you’ll struggle, but you’ll get through it. And there will always be someone out there ready to help.

The stuff I went through felt like the end of the world to me then, but now, after decades of hindsight, I realise that my struggles paled in comparison to others. Others even who are very close to me. When I was in my 20’s, a close friend of mine committed suicide and the music helped me get through it. It seems odd to someone who doesn’t know their music, but it helped me understand. I’d regret not being there enough for him, as did many others in his life, some of whom were much closer to him than I was, but the music showed me the mental turmoil he must have been going through. And it was enough to understand where he was. I think it’s helped me be there for others later in life.

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