Your life as an algorithm

In an article titled FYI: Taking Into Account Time Spent on Stories, Facebook tells us about how they are trying to fit all of their users into one box. They take a one-size-fits-all approach to software design–as many do these days–and falsely seem to think that they can make a magic algorithm that will make everybody universally happy.

However, the more they fuck with the feed, the more people get mad. But Facebook market their chaos thus: “The goal of News Feed is to show you the content that matters to you.” No, it’s not. That is categorically a bald-faced lie. The goal of the news feed is to show content in such a fashion that will maximise their revenue.

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Playing the Magna Carta card

Apparently, the Magna Carta gives business owners the following basic property rights:

  • The ability to put your hand on the entire property structure
  • The ability to paint your entire building

I guess they’re implied rights. Fascinating though, that it is brought up given the 800 year anniversary in two days of when King John was forced to sign the charter by an uprising of barons.

So how well are the TSA doing?

Back in 2012, Gallup released a poll that announced just over half of Americans were positive about the TSA. That, only being the opinions of regular people, needed to have a wee prod in the name of science. ABC News* reveals that the TSA keeps America safe 3 times in 70.

That’s despite having spent over $550 million in equipment and training since 2009–the last time they failed a review.

If these were the results of a child doing a school test, this would surely be indicative of a learning disability.

I think the only people that are truly sleeping well are the ones selling security scanner equipment. I imagine half a billion dollars in the bank buys a lot of peace of mind.

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Was Blatter’s Resignation Thanks to John Oliver?

A few days ago I posted John Oliver’s video from last year talking about FIFA. Well, he did a follow-up, and coincidentally, the suggestions he made in the video have happened. Sepp Blatter has resigned, and the reasons I heard was from pressure from the advertisers. Of course, there is also speculation that he got word of authorities planning to arrest him.

Time will tell what the real reason is. But this is bloody hilarious and well worth the watch, even if you don’t care a whit about football or FIFA.

The Age of Anti-Privacy

Late 2014, Facebook were going through a phase of shutting down accounts of people using aliases, and this had followed a similar mission of Google’s in an attempt to bring sanity to the Youtube comment sections the year before. Google forced users of Youtube to have Google+ accounts before they could leave comments on Youtube videos. Google+ had a real name policy, and the company foolishly believed that people using their real names wouldn’t act like cocktards. Oh, how wrong they were. This was a complete failure and backfired on them badly, but even to this day, it has left a mess of people’s accounts.

Those who had separate GMail accounts and Youtube accounts found that they were having problems posting comments, even to their own videos on their own channels because of this uberfailboat. Content producers on Youtube couldn’t understand why they even needed Google+ accounts, and many of them were not technically savvy enough to wade their way through the confusing process Google had foisted on them.

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