Ridiculing Stupid Beliefs – Does it work?

Fascinating article on the anti-vaxxer movement and how it should be ridiculed. I wonder why, as in the example of the KKK, this doesn’t work for religion in general. They have silly rituals, beliefs, and customs, yet ridiculing them often strengthens their individual beliefs. A default reaction seems to be playing the persecution card. The anti-vaxxer movement appears to be a lot like religion in that they honestly think they are protecting themselves and their children with their beliefs. That’s a hard thing to shake out of someone. They’ll get defensive, or they’ll form segregated communities.

In general people don’t really want truth and logic. They want their own beliefs enforced, which is why they form little clubs and cliques (from online forums to churches). The more retarded their beliefs, the more they appear to want re-enforcement. Of course, the natural extension of this zealotry is to force it on others because their way is now clearly the best way and they’ve got a whole lot of people confirming it.

This video from Penn and Teller really says it beautifully. But do people care? Continue reading “Ridiculing Stupid Beliefs – Does it work?”