Repeat Drink Drivers

This article about a repeat drink driver struck a chord with me.

I hate it when people humanise these bastards. Oh the system failed him and didn’t help him address his alcoholism, boo fucking hoo. Some people actually just don’t fucking care, and flout the law intentionally because they know the people behind the system are such politically correct pussies, and that fuck all will happen to them.

Also, apparently he’s been to prison 33 times. I wonder if they meant jail. Maybe actually throwing him in prison would help.

Here are my ideas for repeat drink drivers.

  1. The sentence goes up exponentially with each repeat offence.
  2. Crush the vehicle they were using. OK, some might be using stolen cars, but for those who own the cars or are borrowing family vehicles, this will have a direct and immediate financial effect. Fining them won’t work because we will let them pay the fines off at $5 a week. But if their car is destroyed, and their friends and family know they are likely to lose their own vehicle, they will be less likely to loan them out to recidivists.
  3. Make them watch videos of children getting hit by cars over and over and over and over and over again.

But don’t you fucking dare humanise them. Oh, I hear you cry, but alcoholism is a sickness and they need help. Fine, go help them, but do it while they are locked up and away from society. They lost their rights to be treated like humans the second they hopped into a car and put innocent people at risk. Repeatedly.

TLS and Not-Security

So there’s a really bad post on Ars Technica about TLS and email. Apparently TLS makes everyone more secure and increases everyone’s privacy.

Uh, no.

TLS encrypts the authentication and the connection so that your authentication details aren’t sniffed. This is especially important if you’re on an open network or using wifi.

But once it’s on the mail server, it’s sitting there in plain text.

TLS stands for TRANSPORT LAYER Security. That’s all it’s securing. The transport of your message to the one server you’re directly connected to. If they don’t use TLS at the other end to receive their mail, or if they are forwarding their mail to one or a dozen other offsite mailboxes, then it’s bought you nothing extra.

All you get with TLS is that people can’t sniff your password for that eighth of a second it takes you to connect to your mail server. That’s pretty much it.

Your shit password still needs changing though, because bruteforce password attempts on mail servers haven’t slowed down. And the odds of your password being your partner/pet/child’s name with an 01 appended to the end of it, are pretty high.

If you really want privacy and security, encrypt all your emails with PGP/GPG. Not just the sensitive ones, because you’re giving people a target. Encrypt everything. But PGP’s apparently too hard and most people refuse to take an extra step because of the inconvenience.