The incompetence of our government departments

The Ministry of Education is paying consultants to do menial shit.


  1. People don’t want to do the menial tasks; and,
  2. When you give lazy people the authority to sign off on a lot of expenditures, they will.

It’s not their money. Why do they care?

If there are no disincentives for fucking up, people will push their boundaries as far as they can. It’s human nature. We do it from children. It’s hard enough to fire people as it is, and in government departments, it seems to be impossible. That’s why government jobs are attractive to useless people. Same as why how paedophiles like becoming Catholic priests. There’s no risk. Repercussions are the exception rather than the rule.

We had a good discussion over this the other day on Google+. In it I basically said that IT vendors typically sell their products by wining and dining management in target companies. Check out the thread because my friend +William Bryson made a frikkin magical Dr. Seuss rendition of a discussion with an IT manager.

Didn’t we learn anything from INCIS?

Actually, I lay a whole heap of this blame on incompetent and greedy IT vendors. They know that they can sell their overpriced crap into corporates, government departments, schools, and hospitals. They don’t need to know what they’re doing. They just need to have a big entertainment budget. And sadly, the fuckheads in charge of the companies doing the buying are suckers for free food and booze. They have no knowledge of IT, and nor do they want to. They’re spending other peoples’ money, not their own. Why should they care?

Maybe we should make it so that all IT purchases of this magnitude should be paid for by the managers themselves. Then they can put in expense claims once the project gets off the ground. And they’ll receive penalties if it doesn’t meet the spec, if it’s not secure, or if it’s late. Maybe then they’ll reassess how they do their purchasing.